Shootpool Blues Win Summer League Shield

11 September 2017 11:45:00 Posted By Luton
Last Updated: 11 September 2017 13:24:00

Shootpool Blues pulled out a great team performance to come back from 2-0 and 3-2 down, and won the final four frames without response to win 6-3 against New Zealand 'A'.

Tommy Gibson started the first frame well, and gained a good lead early on. With no real control in the frame, Ben Bantham decided to slow the game down and play some clever fouls. Unfortunately for Ben, it was one foul too many, as Tommy navigated his way through the remaining balls to clear with two shots and claim the first game for New Zealand 'A'.

John Thorne broke in frame 2, but dry broke. Jay Yerby potted a few balls early on, and a couple of misses from John later, Jay found himself on the black, however he missed. John then got himself back in the frame, with a couple of pots and a couple of nice snookers. When given the two shots, he managed to pot his way to his last red, but left himself awkward, and ultimately missed the last red. This presented Jay with a straight shot on the black, which he made no mistake with.

Frame 3 was littered with missed pots early on, and both players potting only a couple of balls each early on. The first real chance to clear came from Dennis Walton, who cleared 6 reds, including a great double during the clearance, but crucially went in-off on his last red. Rowland Harman had one chance to clear, and 5 balls to dispatch. Using both shots, he got down to the black but nudged it when potting the last red. With no real shot on, he went for the long double, which rattled. But with so much pace on it, it came off the side cushion and dropped into the middle pocket for 2-1.

Ryan May dry broke in frame 4, and Ricky Turner went straight on the attack, potting 3 balls before overrunning one, forcing him into a tough double which he narrowly missed. Ryan potted one and missed, but left nothing on for Ricky, who rattled another tough double. A shot to nothing from Ricky left Ryan a half chance, but missed with two reds left. Ricky covered an important pocket, which started a series of defensive shots. When given two shots, Ricky fluffed his lines and missed twice, giving Ryan a great chance to clear, which he did well to level the score up at 2-2.

Brian Lopez broke the next frame, a potted yellow. Deciding to stay on yellows, he then cleared three more before losing position and missing. Elliot Riley went straight on the defensive, limiting Brian to half chances at best. But the fact he couldn't get a perfect snooker in eventually cost Elliot, as Brian potted from down the table, then played a lovely screw shot to get onto the black, which he rolled in to take a 3-2 lead.

Frame 6 was a tight affair, with Frank Almeida and Peter Mizon missing early chances. The game continued to be a scrappy affair, with safety shots and snookers, and more missed shots. A foul from Peter wasn't seen from the New Zealand 'A' ref, so went unpunished. This came back to haunt them when Peter took out the last few balls when and rolled a great black down the line to level the match up at 3-3.

The captains then both went strong in the final three, as you would expect. New Zealand 'A' captain Brian Lopez chose his first 3 again, which included Tommy Gibson and Jay Yerby who had already won a frame earlier on. Stand-in Shootpool Blues captain Ryan May also chose strong, choosing experience to lead the way as he chose Peter Mizon, Rowland Harman and John Thorne in his first three picks.

Tommy Gibson potted the white on the break. Peter Mizon potted a few balls before missing. Tommy then responded with 4 good pots, including a great shot into the middle. Then on his last colour, went for a very fine cut, but caught it too thick and ended up going in off. Peter potted a great first shot, opened up his trouble balls, then cleared down to the black without missing. He used one to cover the pocket and had the simplest of blacks to give Shootpool Blues their first lead, at 4-3.

Rowland Harman potted a red off the table but missed his next shot after nominating. Jay Yerby came to the table and started to clear with pace and precision. Rubbing out of position though, he missed his last yellow. Rowland then played a series of snookers to try and get two shots, but Jay kept getting out of the tough situations. Rowland then saw a half chance to clear, and potted all but one before passing another safety. This time, he got his two shots but a loose first shot left him awkward. But after a great last red, he missed the black and handed the initiative to Jay. But trying to play an intricate cut to the middle, the white went all around the table and dropped in the opposite middle. Rowland couldn't convert the black with two visits. Jay played a great last yellow but couldn't pot the black on the long double, leaving Rowland a tap in for 5-3.

A good break from Dennis Walton gave him the early advantage, but when the clearance on only his second visit to the table was looking likely, his last red didn't reach the middle pocket and stayed perfectly over it. John Thorne potted well to reduce the deficit, including a great pot to push the last red safe. Towards the end of the frame, neither player could get a clear shot on the last ball, before John potted a great long yellow to set up a simple black. That win gave Shootpool Blues the 6-3 win, and their maiden Summer League Shield victory.