New Shootpool Snooker League Season

20 September 2017 14:30:00 Posted By Felix
Last Updated: 22 September 2017 12:02:00

The inaugural Shootpool Snooker Singles League season will begin on 2nd October and the debut season of the competition will feature 12 players in the Alex Higgins League.

The players who will contest the league are Robert Mutch, Daniel Wilkins, Tim Chapman, Peter Ward, Peter Mizon, Martin Langley, Ryan Englefield, Julian Lefevre, Ben Bantham, Pete Slaymaker, Rowland Harman and David Feore

The league administrator is Martin Langley and he will handle any questions or queries via either on his mobile, Facebook or through WhatsApp.

Each match will consist of 5 frames with break for the first frame decided by coin toss, with alternate breaks for the remaining frames.

Players will score 1 point for each frame won with 2 bonus points awarded for a win.

If players are level in the table, the league placings will be decided by points, frame difference, matches won, fewest matches lost & then head to head between the level players.

Matches have to be played in the fortnight window from the match date listed (e.g. A match date of 02 October 2017 11:00:00 must be played between that date and midnight on Sunday 15th October).

Both players are to agree the day and time of the fixture, in the fortnight window, and tables must be booked in advance with Pete at Shoot Pool & Snooker.

The full rules can be read here:

The opening fortnight's fixtures in full:

Robert Mutch vs Pete Slaymaker (preview)

Julian Lefevre vs Ben Bantham (preview)

Martin Langley vs Peter Mizon (preview)

Ryan Englefield vs Daniel Wilkins (preview)

Peter Ward vs Rowland Harman (preview)

David Feore vs Tim Chapman (preview)

Good luck to all players for the upcoming season.

Edited 22/09/2017 12:00: David Feore joined the league and the news item has been updated to reflect that.