Vic Rout Aids Blues' Great Escape

10 April 2018 12:00:00 Posted By Luton
Last Updated: 10 April 2018 23:19:00

The Roths 5-7 John F Kennedy

With the top two places in the league settled last week, the highest available place this week that was up for grabs was third, and the two teams that could claim that spot faced off, and it was John F Kennedy that claimed 3rd by 7 points in the end, after they won the match against The Roths 7-5. John F Kennedy went 3-0 up early on, before The Roths pulled it back to 3-2. Second wins on the night for Paul McGill and Nigel Crook helped push John F Kennedy on to a 6-2 lead. With only a draw left available, Casey Dawson and second win for James Wood got the comeback going, and got the score back to 6-4, but the match was won by John F Kennedy in frane 11 when Ian Manners won his second of the night. The Roths captain Stuart Ladyman won his second of the night to reduce the deficit, but it wasn't enough to avoid defeat.

Nomads 2-10 The Vic Club

The Vic Club ended their league season on a massive high as they demolished Nomads 10-2 in their venue derby. Two frames each for Steve Crutch, Oliver Burgess and Andy Grounsell helped The Vic Club win the first ten frames without a reply to go into a fantastic 10-0 lead. Nomads did win the final two frames, but all it really did was helped the team avoid the whitewash, as the damage was already done. With hindsight, The Vic Club actually needed one frame to move into 4th place, but will settle for a very comfortable 5th place finish. As for Nomads, the result put them in serious danger of finishing in the bottom two, depending on the other game in the division...

Shootpool Blues 7-5 Shoot At Will

With the devastating scoreline at Vic Club, it meant that Shootpool Blues needed a win against Shoot At Will to avoid finishing in the bottom two, something that looked impossible when the team were winless after 10 matches. But the 7-5 win maeant it was 3 wins in their last 5 matches, and the great escape was complete. In a topsy-turvy game, Peter Mizon gave Shootpool Blues a 1-0 lead, before Shoot At Will turned it around at 2-1. But Shootpool Blues led 4-2 at half time after winning the next three frames. That lead soon disappeared though, as a second win on the night for Andy Roberts helped Shoot At Will take a 5-4 lead. Shootpool Blues now needed all of the remaining frames to win. But that's exactly what they achieved, thanks to wins for Ryan May then second wins for John Thorne and Peter Mizon. The win meant that Shootpool Blues finished one point ahead of Nomads in 7th place.

Most Wins

Doug Campbell of Honey Bee Stingerz won the Division 1 stats this season with a record of 22 wins and 8 losses.

One win behind was the trio of Liam Smith and Max Burgess (both Top John) and Oliver Burgess of The Vic Club, who all finished on 21 wins.

The two wins on the final day for Peter Mizon of Shootpool Blues saw him finish 5th on 19-7.

6th down to 9th saw Paul Seastram and Stephen Page (both Honey Bee Stingerz), Andy Roberts (Shoot At Will), and Steve Crutch (The Vic Club) all finishing on 18 wins.

John F Kennedy pair Nigel Crook and Paul McGill and The Roths pair Casey Dawson and Stuart Ladyman all finished another two wins back on 16 wins each.


Team P W D L F A FD Pts
1 15 10 3 2 104 76 +28 104
2 15 9 4 2 103 77 +26 103
3 15 8 2 5 97 80 +17 95 *
4 15 3 6 6 88 92 -4 88
5 15 5 4 6 87 93 -6 87
6 15 5 2 8 81 99 -18 81
7 15 3 2 10 77 103 -26 77
8 15 4 3 8 79 98 -19 76 *
9 8 3 2 3 49 47 +2 49 *