Doubles SF - Both NZB teams through

13 April 2017 10:30:00 Posted By Luton
Last Updated: 13 April 2017 16:26:00

It was AIPL Doubles Semi-Finals this week, and both matches saw partnerships from Shootpool take on partnerships from the New Zealand "B" team. First, at White Swan saw Ryan Englefield and Wayne Thorne of Shootpool Snipers take on Keith Jones and Larry Baker of New Zealand "B". Also, at Rivets it was David Feore and Shelley McDermott of Shoot 8-Ball taking on last years champions, the team of Martin Langley and Brian Keeble (New Zealand "B").

Ryan Englefield & Wayne Thorne 2-4 Keith Jones & Larry Baker

The first frame lasted a matter of moments, as Wayne broke, potted the white, and Keith came to the table and cleared with his one visit. 1-0.

Larry broke in the second, potted a red, nominated and potted a yellow, before missing. Wayne and Keith both couldn't pot from their respective positions, before Ryan managed a pot before leaving one over a pocket. Larry came back to the table and took out a great 7 ball clearance for 2-0.

The game slowed down in the third frame as Ryan broke, potted a red, nominated and potted a yellow and played safe. Everyone came to the table at least 6 or 7 times, and at best potted one ball before playing another safety, or if not then going straight to the safety, before Ryan unfortunately fouled. Keith went to clear again, but a loose last red left him out of position on the black, which he missed. Wayne took full advantage, potting the last couple of yellows and the black, to reduce the deficit to 2-1. Game on.

Frame 4 saw Keith pot the white off the break. Ryan came to the table, potted all but one yellow. A few safety shots later, Keith also cleared down to the last red before missing one, before Ryan came back on to the table to pit his last yellow and black to level the match at 2-2.

Frame 5 saw Wayne break well, pot, and then went on to clear another 3 balls, before missing. This signalled the match to turn into a safety affair, as neither team saw an opening to clear. That was until Keith potted a semi-safe ball, and from there took out another good clearance for 3-2.

Keith broke frame 6 and potted a red, nominated yellow, potted a few more before missing. Ryan came to the table and potted a couple, before missing. Larry then played a safety, which Wayne got out of. Wayne potted a couple before rattling one, and Keith made no mistake from there on in, taking out yet another clearance, as he and Larry went through 4-2 on the night.

Martin Langley & Brian Keeble 4-1 David Feore & Shelley McDermott

This match has provided a lot of Doubles success in this last few seasons, as two-time reigning Champions Martin Langley and Brian Keeble took on 2013 Champion David Feore, and his new partner for this season, Shelley McDermott.

The first frame in this match was over quite quickly, as Martin broke and dished to take a 1-0 lead.

Second frame was again quite quick. Feore broke, nominated and then tucked up, to which Brian couldn't respond and gave away two shot, leaving the path clear for Shelley, who cleared well for 1-1. This was also the first frame conceded by Martin and Brian this season.

Third frame saw the game slow down a lot. Several shots passed, many of which wee defensive shots, before Feore played a lovely shot but unfortunately for him, he fouled at the same time. Martin then took full advantage as he cleared up the table to take a 2-1 lead.

The fourth frame was a very brief affair, as Shelley unforunately fouled and the break, before Martin did what he did in frame 1 and 3, cleared the table and potted the black to give him and Brian a 3-1 lead.

The fifth frame saw Martin break, which was followed by Feore, Brian and Shelley each having as shot without potting. Martin then not only managed to pot when he got back on the table, but cleared up to the black and potted it for the 4-1 win.