8-Ball Beat Yeoman For Maiden Cup Win

05 May 2017 08:30:00 Posted By Luton
Last Updated: 05 May 2017 09:13:00

The White Swan was the venue for the AIPL Knock Out Cup final, and was being contested this year by The Yeoman and Shoot 8-Ball. Both teams have not won this tournament in their current guises, but both can boast players that have won the competition in the past with other teams.

The draw for the match was done 'out of the hat' as standard, and threw up some interesting ties, the biggest one being Mark Game being drawn out to play first against the team he only left a few months ago, against former team mate Trevor Lewis. Next up was Shoot 8-Ball captain Gordon Sweeney versus Colin Rogan. Third drawn was Shelley McDermott and Dave Green, then came David Feore against Doug MacDonald. Fifth was Ian Dover taking on Steve Redding, and last but not least, Brendon Ensoll was paired with Lars Bjart.

The first frame started with Trevor breaking against Mark. Both players missed shots early on, in what was a tense atmosphere with a large crowd present. Trevor eventually took control of the game when given the opportunity, but couldn't quite finish the game off as the black didn't drop and just sat in the jaws of the top pocket. Mark needed a perfect snooker to stand any chance of pulling himself back in this frame, and when he went for just that, the white fell agonisingly short of where it needed to be, which gave Trevor the angle to pot the black over the pocket and claim the first frame, 1-0 to The Yeoman.

Shoot 8-Ball captain Gordon dry broke in frame 2. Colin took reds, and quickly potted 5 before the white ran a bit too far for his liking, leaving him no choice to but play a containing safety. Gordon played a shot to move a couple of yellows around. Colin potted his sixth red but missed a cross double. Gordon potted two and missed, before Colin left a red over the corner pocket. Gordon attempted to snooker, but Colin escaped and potted his red, before potting the black for 2-0.

Frame 3 saw Dave break and potted a yellow. He then potted confidently and well, down to his last yellow, which he left perfectly over a pocket, leaving all the pressure on Shelley. But the pressure didn't seem to show as he started clearing well. The crowd were on the edge of their seats when Shelley under hit his last red, leaving him very short on the black. But an unbelievably fine cut into the middle gave him the win that Shoot 8-Ball were desperate for, and reduced the lead to just 2-1.

Feore dry broke in frame 4, and opponent Doug decided on yellows, before potting another 4, leaving him just two yellows left. Feore came back to the table with a couple of problem reds, and played a shot to move a couple of reds into better position. Doug then went for a fine cut, but clipped a red and therefore fouled. Feore took full advantage, brilliantly potting all his reds and the black using just one of his two visits, and more importantly, levelled the match up at 2-2.

In frame 5, Steve broke and potted a yellow, but nominated reds, and potted three, before half-snookering himself and playing a containing shot. Ian played safe, before Steve did too. Ian went for a cover of the pocket, but potted white in off. Steve got down to his last red but couldn't pot, so played a containing safety. Ian went for a tuck-up off a cushion, but marginally over-hit it, leaving Steve on his final red. He potted it, but rattled the black, giving Ian a chance to clear. But after potting one, he rattled one in the middle, leaving Steve a thin cut for the match, which he potted well to give The Yeoman a 3-2 lead.

Brendon broke in frame 6, but dry broke. Lars potted a red, before trying to cover a pocket. Brendon went for a fine cut to the middle but missed, giving Lars a chance to take control of the frame, although he only potted one before missing. Brendon potted one and missed, in what was turning into a scrappy frame. But Lars took advantage after that, potting well and getting down to the black, including a great pot down the length of the side cushion. Unfortunately, the black just clipped a yellow on way to the pocket and marginally missed, leaving Brendon a chance to clear, which he took brilliantly, potting the black to tie the match up at 3-3.

With the match evenly poised, the two captains, Gordon Sweeney and Mick Whelan, chose their final three. Mick's choices saw The Yeoman go for Colin Rogan, Trevor Lewis and Lars Bjart. Gordon went for his three frame winners on the night, meaning Shoot 8-Ball's final three were David Feore, Shelley McDermott and Brendon Ensoll.

The match resumed with frame 7, in which Colin dry broke, but Feore missed with his first shot. Colin potted a couple of yellows before going in-off. Feore potted before using a shot to break some reds up. He then missed, but Colin then tried a safety but didn't hit a cushion, giving Feore another two visits. This time, Feore dispatched with the remaining reds and calmly potted the black to give Shoot 8-Ball their first lead of the evening, at 4-3.

Shelley broke in frame 8, but like so many throughout this match, dry broke. Trevor came to the table and potted a red, before missing one. Shelley came back to the table, and potted three before leaving one over the bottom right pocket. With 6 red balls left to negotiate, Trevor was potting well, before over-running the white and leaving him snookered. He attempted to come off the side cushion and pot, but it rattled, and gave Shelley a chance. He potted two, but rattled the third. Trevor tried a double to cover the middle pocket that Shelley's yellow was over, but under-hit it, leaving Shelley three simple, but pressure-filled shots. But the pressure didn't show, as he potted them all to cheers from the watching crowd, as Shoot 8-Ball won the match 5-3, and the AIPL Knock Out Cup for the first time.

Congratulations to Shoot 8-Ball on their maiden AIPL Knock Out Cup win, and hope everyone is looking forward to the next game that they will be playing together, which will be the The Charity Shield, contested between them and the AIPL Premier Champions New Zealand "B". This match will be the curtain raiser for the upcoming 2017-2018 season, which starts in September.