New Shootpool Blackball League Season

02 September 2017 13:15:00 Posted By Felix
Last Updated: 03 September 2017 00:45:00

The new Shootpool Blackball Singles League season will start on Sunday 17th September, this season featuring 21 players across the two divisions and the fixtures can now be found on this website.

With 21 players this season, the players are split into the two divisions with 10 in Grey Goose and 11 in Smirnoff.

Pete Ward is the new League Administrator this season and will handle any questions or queries via either Shoot Pool & Snooker (01296708374), on his mobile (07709021682) or through Facebook.

The entry fee is £10 per player for the season, then £1.50 per player per match to cover table costs.

Matches will be played every fortnight from the 17th September, except for a break over Christmas & New Year, with the starting times of 3pm and 4pm alternated for each division.

The Grey Goose schedule will run until the 21st January 2018 whilst Smirnoff will run until 18th February 2018 due to the extra player.

The rules remain the same for the new season, each match is nine frames and you earn a point won for each frame you win, with no bonus points for the outright win.

The opening day fixtures on Sunday 17th September will see Grey Goose play at 3pm and Smirnoff play at 4pm.

Grey Goose fixtures in full, to be played at 3pm:

James Connor vs Adam Jackow (preview)

Peter Ward vs Colin Rogan (preview)

Daniel Wilkins vs David Feore (preview)

Shelley McDermott vs Jack Mason (preview)

Darryl Clarke vs Jamie Whittaker (preview)

Smirnoff fixtures (updated) in full, to be played at 4pm:

Trevor Gunn vs Max Burgess (preview)

Amber Carter vs Elliot Riley (preview)

Mike Collins vs Mark Tumilty (preview)

Sue Latham vs Laura Hunter (preview)

Ryan May vs Mark Frost (preview)

With 11 players in Smirnoff this season, one player will be on a bye each week, and Dan Dalton takes his in Week 1.

Good luck to all players for the upcoming season.

Edit (Sunday 3rd September): All fixtures for Smirnoff have been redone due to a player being missed from the new season list. Grey Goose remains unchanged.


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