The AIPL started in 1977 as the R.T. Major Pool League with Mr Len Disbury as the league chairman and 14 teams competing in a single league and the knockout cup, both which were won won by the Aylesbury Ex-Service-men's 'A'. The player Singles and Doubles competitions were also held.

The first season was successful and the AIPL grew in size over the years with teams entered not just from Aylesbury but from the surrounding villages too.

The 2016 - 2017 season featured three league divisions - Premier, Division 1 and Division 2 - alongside two team cup knockout and four player competitions.

Played exclusively at Shoot Pool & Snoooker on Mondays Nights from 8pm the league is open to anyone who wants to play or learn, and the league is structured to ensure that players of similar abilities are placed in the same divisions offering a challenge to those experienced players whilst a more relaxing experience to beginners. Each match consists of 9 singles frames, with players earning a point for each frame won and two bonus points for a win.

Season 9 recently finished featuring 52 players split across 4 leagues - Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot, Cava and Asti - with matches running weekly until the middle of June 2017.

Played exclusively at Shoot Pool & Snoooker on Sunday afternoons from 3pm the league is open to anyone who wants to play or learn blackball rules.

Season 4 is active now with 26 players across 2 divisions, where each player will play the other players in their division once.

The top flight division is Grey Goose, with the second division Smirnoff.

The Summer League is a new competition started in June 2013 to offer a League competition through the summer months with an alternative match format.

The inaugural season was successful with 8 teams taking part in the competition and congratulations go to Shoot Bolts who won the league.

The 2017 season is currently underway, running until the end of August, with 20 teams across two groups.

The Grapes Trophy, inaugurated in 2009 by the former landlord of the Grapes Pat Carroll, is a knockout cup competition played on Wednesday evenings in the summer months during the break from the AIPL competitions.

For 2014, the semi-Finals and final were played at Weavers, due to Weavers sponsoring the tournament.

The 2014 winners were the New Zealand 'A' who defeated The Vic over a two-legged final. Information about the last season can be found here whilst all historical information about the competition can be found here.

Alongside their pool leagues, Shoot has been running standalone tournaments since 2009 including 3 Person Tournaments, Jack Jackow Memorial Trophy and Penalty Shootout.