Grapes Trophy

The Grapes Trophy, inaugurated in 2009 by the former landlord of the Grapes Pat Carroll, is a knockout cup competition played on Wednesday evenings in the summer months during the break from the AIPL competitions.

For 2014, the 1st round and quarter finals are played home & away. The Semi-Finals and Final will be played at Weavers, due to Weavers sponsoring the tournament.

Each match will consist of 11 frames with 10 singles and 1 doubles, with both legged games counting to a combined aggregate score with the first team to reach 12 points winning. A final frame shootout between players chosen by the captains would separate the teams in the event the aggregate score finishes 11-11.

Each match/leg will be split into two halves. The first half will consist of 6 Singles frames. The second half will be the Doubles frame and then 4 more Singles frames, but in the second half an individual player can only play either singles or doubles, not both, as each player can still only play twice, same as in the AIPL.

The 2014 winners were the New Zealand 'A' who defeated The Vic over a two-legged final. Information about the last season can be found 2014 whilst all historical information about the competition can be found The Grapes Trophy.