Number of seasons: 22
Defending Champions: - 2016 - 2017
First Season: 1990 - 1991
Current Season: 2017 - 2018

When the Aylesbury Invitation Pool League begun in 1977 it had only one division, the Premier. After a successful first season, the AIPL grew in size over the years with teams entered not just from Aylesbury but from the surrounding villages too. After an unknown amount of seasons the league expanded into two divisions, forming this Division 1.

This division has run for the last 17 seasons and unsurprisingly, with the prize of promotion to the Premier for the top two teams each season, this competition has only been won on multiple occasions by the same team once - Railway Club in 2000 - 2001 and 2004 - 2005.

In recent years, teams from Shootpool have dominated Division 1, with 6 champions and 3 runner-ups in the last 7 seasons, including the last three season's champions.

This season the league features 9 teams from 7 different venues and again features the format from recent years where each match consists of 12 singles frames with each player allowed to play twice in a match. Teams score one point per frame won and no bonus points allocated for a win.


1 Doug Campbell P30 W22 L8 (73.33%)
Summer Bees
2 Liam Smith P26 W21 L5 (80.77%)
Top John
3 Oliver Burgess P30 W21 L9 (70.0%)
The Vic Club
4 Max Burgess P30 W21 L9 (70.0%)
Top John
5 Peter Mizon P26 W19 L7 (73.08%)
Shootpool Blues
6 Paul Seastram P26 W18 L8 (69.23%)
Summer Bees
7 Andy Roberts P27 W18 L9 (66.67%)
Daisy Dukes
8 Steve Crutch P27 W18 L9 (66.67%)
The Vic Club
9 Stephen Page P28 W18 L10 (64.29%)
Summer Bees
10 Nigel Crook P26 W16 L10 (61.54%)
John F Kennedy