Number of seasons: 5
Defending Champions: - 2017
First Season: 2013
Last Season: 2017

The Summer League is a new competition started in June 2013 to offer a League competition through the summer months with an alternative match format. Teams score 3 points for a win. If teams are level, the league placings will be decided by points, frame difference, frames won & head to head between the level teams.

The league will play to World Rules. Each match is split into 2 halves. The first half will consist of 6 singles. The second half will be 4 singles followed by a scotch doubles frame. Players can only play a maximum of two frames, so either one singles frame in each half or a singles in the first half & the scotch doubles in the second half. The home team captain should first enter 6 players on the scorecard for the first half and the away team caption will then do the same, before switching for the second half where the away team names first.


There is no current season for this competition. The last season was 2017.

The history for this competition can be found here.