AIPL Knock Out Cup 2019-2020 Begins

10 October 2019 09:45:00 Posted By Luton
Last Updated: 10 October 2019 09:58:00


The Preliminary Round of the AIPL Knock Out Cup was played this week, with all 26 teams playing across 13 matches, with winners qualifying for the AIPL Knock Out Cup First Round, and all losing teams dropping into the AIPL Plate Cup First Round.

There were 5-0 whitewashes for reigning champions New Zealand "B", Honey Bee Stingerz, SP Bullets, ShootBuca, and The Alligators. Shootpool 'A', The Swan, Nomads and SP Blacks all dropped just the one frame on the way to 5-1 victories. The was a 5-2 win for The Vic Club, and 5-3 wins for Shootpool and New Zealand 'A'. The closest result went to Shootpool Sharks, who narrowly beat fellow Premier team The Brick Slayers 5-4.


The Vic Club 5-2 Cotton Wheel Krazies, New Zealand "B" 5-0 Top John, Shootpool 5-3 Starshoot Troopers, The Roths 0-5 The Alligators, The Feathers 3-5 New Zealand 'A', Shootpool 'A' 5-1 The Chicklayers, Wonky Weavers 0-5 Honey Bee Stingerz, Kennedy Vets 1-5 Nomads, SP Bullets 5-0 Weavers Warriors, Shootpool Blues 1-5 The Swan, Cotton Eyed Joes 0-5 ShootBuca, Shootpool Sharks 5-4 The Brick Slayers, SP Blacks 5-1 The White Swan



New Zealand 'A' vs The Alligators (preview)

The Vic Club vs New Zealand "B" (preview)

Shootpool Sharks vs SP Bullets (preview)

The Swan vs Shootpool 'A' (preview)

ShootBuca vs Honey Bee Stingerz (preview)

Bye: SP Blacks, Bye: Nomads, Bye: Shootpool


The Roths vs The Chicklayers (preview)

Weavers Warriors vs Starshoot Troopers (preview)

Kennedy Vets vs The Brick Slayers (preview)

Top John vs The White Swan (preview)

Cotton Wheel Krazies vs Shootpool Blues (preview)

Bye: The Feathers, Bye: Cotton Eyed Joes, Bye: Wonky Weavers

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