Knock Out Cup Begins with Three Premier Exits

17 October 2022 15:45:00 Posted By Luton

The Knock Out Cup season in the AIPL Knock Out Cup got underway, with a total of 14 preliminary round matches being played, and there was a range of results, from 5-0 whitewashes to 5-4 final-frame deciders. Three Premier teams have been relegated into the Plate Cup, and two Division 2 sides claimed Division 1 scalps too. The draws for both the Knock Out Cup and the Plate Cup are further below...

There was three all-Premier matchups in the prelims this year, with The Rothschild Arms edging past SP Bullets 5-4, SP Blacks beating The Brickslayers 5-1, and The Vic Club claiming a 5-1 win over Honey Bee Stingerz.

The other four Premier teams all made safe passage through to Round 1, with Shootpool Sharks, New Zealand "B" both secured 5-0 whitewashes against Division 2 pair Hot Shots and Nomads respectively. New Zealand 'A' also won 5-0 against Division 1 Shootpool Blues, with Shootpool 'A' getting past division 1 Top John 5-1.

Two Division 2 teams claimed Division 1 scalps as well, with Weavers' Beavers & Balls winning 5-0 away to Kennedy GC, and The Feathers winning a 5-4 nail-biter against Dairy Maid 'A'.

And the final five spots in the first round all came from Division 1 sides comfortably winning against their Division 2 counterparts. Washington Weavers were 5-1 winners away to The C Team, as were The Roths at home against Ari Potters. Also on the 5-1 wagon were Shootpool and Wonky Shot, who also knocked out Misfits and Dairy Maid Krazies by that scoreline respectively. And Dirty Ari went one better, claiming a 5-0 whitewash over The Ari Chicks.


Preliminary Round - Results

SP Bullets 4-5 The Rothschild Arms

SP Blacks 5-1 The Brickslayers

The Vic Club 5-1 Honey Bee Stingerz

Hot Shots 0-5 Shootpool Sharks

New Zealand "B" 5-0 Nomads

Shootpool Blues 0-5 New Zealand 'A'

Top John 1-5 Shootpool 'A'

Kennedy GC 0-5 Weavers' Beavers & Balls

Dairy Maid 'A' 4-5 The Feathers

The C Team 1-5 Washington Weavers

The Roths 5-1 Ari Potters

Shootpool 5-1 Misfits

Wonky Shot 5-1 Dairy Maid Krazies

Dirty Ari 5-0 The Ari Chicks


Knock Out Cup Round 1 - Draw

Weavers' Beavers & Balls vs The Rothschild Arms (preview)

New Zealand 'A' vs Wonky Shot (preview)

The Vic Club vs Shootpool Sharks (preview)

SP Blacks vs Washington Weavers (preview)

The Roths vs Shootpool 'A' (preview)

Dirty Ari vs New Zealand "B" (preview)

Byes : The Feathers and Shootpool


Plate Cup Round 1 - Draw

Dairy Maid Krazies vs Shootpool Blues (preview)

Kennedy GC vs Dairy Maid 'A' (preview)

The C Team vs Honey Bee Stingerz (preview)

The Brickslayers vs Nomads (preview)

SP Bullets vs The Ari Chicks (preview)

Misfits vs Top John (preview)

Byes : Ari Potters and Hot Shots

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