Aylesbury Invitation Pool League

The AIPL started in 1978 as the R.T. Major Pool League and has run every year since, featuring many teams and venues.

The 2017 - 2018 season is underway featuring three divisions (Premier Division, Division 1 and Division 2). There are also the two team cup knockout competitions - Knockout Cup and Plate Cup - and two player competitions: (Singles and Doubles.

The Anytime Singles will return in November 2018.

Shootpool Monday Singles Pool League
Shootpool & Snooker

Played exclusively at Shoot Pool & Snooker on Mondays Nights from 8pm the league is open to anyone who wants to play or learn. Season 11 started in June 2018.

Shootpool Blackball Singles League
Shootpool & Snooker

Played exclusively at Shoot Pool & Snooker on Sunday afternoons from 3pm the league is open to anyone who wants to play or learn. Season 7 begun in October 2018.

Shoot Pool Tournaments
Shootpool & Snooker

Alongside their pool leagues, Shoot has been running standalone tournaments since 2009 including 3 Person Tournaments, Jack Jackow Memorial Trophy and Penalty Shootout.

And in September 2017 Big League begun with the competition involving weekly round robin tournaments where players try to win the weekly tournament for cash prizes, but also gain points towards qualification to the final tournament, where only the top 8 players from the weekly round robins qualify.

Summer League

The Summer League is a new competition started in June 2013 to offer a League competition through the summer months with an alternative match format. In it's inaugural season it ran for 7 weeks with 8 teams.

Grapes Trophy
Shootpool & Snooker

The Grapes Trophy, inaugurated in 2009 by the former landlord of the Grapes Pat Carroll, was a knockout cup competition played on Wednesday evenings in the summer months during the break from the AIPL. The competition ran through to 2014.

IPA World Championships

The IPA World Championships are designed to find the best player in the World – its as simple as that. If you want to test yourself against the best, this is the place to do it. Long races, big prize money – can you handle the heat in front of a global audience, courtesy of the sport leading live stream the IPA offers?

There are plenty of competitions taking place which are all open to anyone, and in January 2015, one of the qualifiers was held at Shootpool with David Feore beating Daniel Wilkins 5-0 in the Final.

Bucks County Pool

The E.P.C.F. (now the E.B.P.F) was originally formed in 1995 by Tony Batch, with the intention of providing national teams to take part in the E&U.K.P.F international competitions played to their rules (more commonly known as BAPTO rules).

The demand for pool being played to these rule proved so great that in 1998 Mike Leavens formed the EPCF County structure, in the first year with 9 counties and the second year doubling to 18 Counties and holding the first ever EPCF County finals in Hengar manor in 1999.

The current 2018-2019 season sees counties participating in 8 regions and more information can be found at their website.

Q-Academy MK Tournaments

Q-Academy is a club offering pool, darts and poker situated near Newport Pagnell just outside Milton Keynes that opened on 1 April 2017.

The Big Friday Flyer League starts on Friday 5th October 2018 and is a series of weekly round robin tournaments with prizes for each weekly tournament alongside points gained towards qualification for the Finals Week where the Top 8 from the season of weekly tournaments qualify.


Blacks Sting Honey Bee as NZB Can Only Draw

Blacks beat Honey Bee 9-3, while NZB held to 6-6 draw with The Swan.

Posted: 20 February 2019 15:00

NZB move 3pts clear of Blacks in Premier

NZB win 9-3 vs Snipers, Blacks only win 7-5 against NZA.

Posted: 06 February 2019 17:15

Brickies Slay Yeoman To Take Control of Div 1

Brick Slayers win 9-3 against 2nd placed Yeoman to take big lead in Div 1.

Posted: 06 February 2019 16:45

Bullets 12-0 with a 12-0

SP Bullets 29 clear after whitewashing Chicklayers, Krazies win again and Nomads held to draw.

Posted: 06 February 2019 16:30

Honey Bee Hammer 8-Ball, NZB Back Top

NZB and Blacks both win but switch positions, while Honey Bee hammer 8-Ball 9-3 at home..

Posted: 30 January 2019 14:45

AIPL Knockout Cup QF Review / SF Draw

Review of KO Cup QF, and SF draw.

Posted: 24 January 2019 17:00

AIPL Plate Cup QF Review / SF Draw

Review of the QF stage of the AIPL Plate Cup, and the SF draw..

Posted: 24 January 2019 10:00

Blacks Regain Top Spot After 8-Ball Beat NZB

Blacks back at the top of the table after winning 7-5 against Snipers, while 8-Ball beat NZB 9-3..

Posted: 23 January 2019 14:45

Mobey takes Asti title with 8-1 victory

Danny Mobey won the Asti title after winning his last match of the season 8-1.

Posted: 20 January 2019 19:00

Englefield crowned Cava champion but second place still up for grabs

Daniel Englefield was finally crowned Cava champion but the battle for second still goes on.

Posted: 20 January 2019 18:45

Revie wins Veuve Clicquot

Andy Revie wins Veuve Clicquot after his only rival couldn't match his set points total.

Posted: 20 January 2019 18:30

Feore in seventh heaven

David Feore secures his seventh SPSL Dom Perignon title with a 5-4 victory.

Posted: 20 January 2019 18:00