Shootpool Blackball Singles League

These rules are for Season 1.
Originally Posted: 20th November 2014
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The league is played to Blackball Rules.

Players will play each other player in their league once. Each match will consist of 9 frames. Players will score 1 point for each frame won. There are no bonus points for a win. If players are level, the league placings will be decided by points, frame difference, frames won & then head to head between the level players.

Break for the first frame will be decided by coin toss, with alternate breaks for the remaining frames.

Matches will be played fortnightly on Sunday afternoons from 2pm.

All matches in this league must be played on Sunday's at Shootpool.

Any player wishing to cancel a match for whatever reason must give at least 24 hours notice (by 2pm on the Saturday before the match). They can either notify Shootpool via the phone (01296 489712) or in-person. But the league administrator must be informed of any match cancellation.

Each player may only play a maximum of 2 matches per week, treated as Monday to Sunday, and games must be played within a month of their original fixture date.

If a player fails to show for a match they will be docked 2 points and their opponent will be awarded the game 7-0.

The league adminstrator is Sue Latham and her decision or ruling if required on any reason or dispute will be final.

But above all it's a friendly league so lets just have fun and enjoy it.