Shootpool Monday Singles Pool League

The Shootpool Monday Singles Pool League brought world rules to Aylesbury in August 2011, giving players the chance to learn them before their introduction in the AIPL the following season.

After nine seasons at Shootpool, the league is now played exclusively at Shoot Pool & Snooker on Mondays Nights from 8pm for Season 10 onwards. The league is open to anyone who wants to play or learn, and is structured to ensure that players of similar abilities are placed in the same divisions offering a challenge to those experienced players whilst a more relaxing experience to beginners. Each match consists of 9 singles frames, with players earning a point for each frame won.

With a record 64 players in the league for season 11, there are four divisions, starting with the top flight Dom Perignon, followed by Veuve Clicquot, Cava and Asti. With 4 divisions, matches are played every other week and the match times alternate between 8pm and 9:30pm.

A League Cup has been run for the last six seasons, with the first two and last three all won by David Feore, with Martin Langley winning in Season 7.


Mobey takes Asti title with 8-1 victory

Danny Mobey won the Asti title after winning his last match of the season 8-1.

Posted: 20 January 2019 19:00

Englefield crowned Cava champion but second place still up for grabs

Daniel Englefield was finally crowned Cava champion but the battle for second still goes on.

Posted: 20 January 2019 18:45

Revie wins Veuve Clicquot

Andy Revie wins Veuve Clicquot after his only rival couldn't match his set points total.

Posted: 20 January 2019 18:30

Feore in seventh heaven

David Feore secures his seventh SPSL Dom Perignon title with a 5-4 victory.

Posted: 20 January 2019 18:00

Champion-elect Englefield awaiting coronation

Daniel Englefield wins his final match 5-4 but waiting on other results before title confirmation.

Posted: 06 January 2019 21:00

Mobey leads by two ahead of final week in Asti

Danny Mobey will take a 2 point lead over Ryan May into the final week.

Posted: 06 January 2019 20:45

Dom Perignon title destination unclear with outstanding matches

There are sixteen matches still to play as Dom Perignon enters final week.

Posted: 27 December 2018 10:15

Flanagan ends two Veuve Clicquot title challenges

Arron Flanagan wins twice and ends the title challenges for both of his opponents.

Posted: 27 December 2018 10:00

Tight at the top of Asti with two weeks to go

It's tight at the top of Asti with three players still in the title hunt.

Posted: 09 December 2018 15:15

Englefield dominates Playford to all but seal Cava title

Daniel Englefield beats title rival Nigel Playford 8-1 to all but seal the title.

Posted: 09 December 2018 15:00

Revie sets Veuve Clicquot title points target

Andy Revie ends his season on 78 points giving the other title challengers their target.

Posted: 09 December 2018 14:30

Level at the top in Dom Perignon

David Feore and Jamie Whittaker are level on points at the top of Dom Perignon.

Posted: 09 December 2018 13:15




Top flight division in the SPSL.

2nd tier of the SPSL after the Premier Division was split in 2 for season 5.

Originally Division 1, now the third tier of the SPSL after Division 1 was split in 2 for season 5.

Fourth tier of the SPSL after Division 1 was split in 2 for season 5.

Knockout cup competition featuring all players from all leagues.

Cup competition featuring SPSL players on Shootpool teams against those playing for other venues.

Single day knockout competition open to current SPSL and SPBL players.

About The Venue

Shoot Pool & Snooker was opened in June 2017, 8 years after owners Sue & Al opened Shootpool in June 2009, and is a members club with 12 uk pool tables and 5 snooker tables.

Alongside this league, the venue hosts a Sunday Blackball Pool League and has 10 pool teams that play in the AIPL and/or Summer League played on Wednesday evenings. It also hosts pool tournament events including Big League.

As well as pool, Shoot Pool & Snooker has a Singles Snooker League that started in October 2017 and a poker league that has competitions on Tuesday's and Sunday's.

Player Rankings

The SPSL has been running for 11 seasons now across 4 divisions and you can compare yourself against other players in the rankings or just see which players have won the most games.

You can view the combined rankings from all leagues here, or individually for the Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot, Cava or Asti divisions.

Rules & Files